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The Enterprise System/3.Net-Strategy

Business Control Software for small, medium size and multi-location businesses.

Complete Financial Software - from the Purchase Order to the Financial Statements.

    • Barcoded Production and Inventory Labeling Technology
    • Comprehensive Inventory Management and mass transaction storage/retrieval
    • The Executive Navigator - Financial Information Monitoring and Reporting System
    • Potential Risk Oversight System – Monitors Potential Loss Areas
    • Employee Productivity Tracking, Reporting and Urgent Security Notifications
  • Highly Secure – Enterprise Wide – Business Information and Control System

Georgia Software is in its fourth decade of providing enterprise-wide business software solutions for small and mid-sized companies. The first release of the ES/3 was a UNIX/AIX based Suite with an ISAM file structure. AIX/ISAM offered a technology platform that was highly secure, but was not the best information retrieval architecture. This original ES/3 business solution was implemented in six industries and over 40 different business types, including CPA and Accountants. (see Product Overview page)

For the past 5 years, GSC has partnered with StrategyBytes, (a Wisconsin based MS Certified Professional Solution Developer Est. 1999) in developing web-hosted applications and we have now begun the process of converting our UNIX based version of ES/3 to the Microsoft .Net / SQL environments. Our primary objective was to create a simple to use but highly secure Business Applications Suite that offers you - the business owner - a more affordable avenue of achieving total business oversight.

Thus we have created a low cost, state-of-the-art, Enterprise wide, business Accounting and Information system which utilizes additional the cost savings of Barcoding technologies for complete production management, storage, and financial control. We call it The ES/3-Strategy.

The Enterprise System/3 was created to control the financial accounting and reporting processes which occur throughout the business from the Purchase Order to the Financial Statements, and everything in between. The ES/3 was designed as a strategy to facilitate business expansion and financial control.

In 2005 StrategyBytes created a manufacturing and production environment solution known as Scale Fusion which was designed to control the production process to weigh and barcode items and cases, and capturing this information for ongoing inventory storage and distribution control purposes.

Scale Fusion now integrates seamlessly with The Enterprise System/3, thus securing all business accounting and Inventory control functions. Additionally, the two systems facilitate assigning production to customer orders, and generating invoices and bills of lading for shipping.

StrategyBytes also created a module called Lot Tracker which was specifically built to capture the raw material coming into the production process and keeping track of the raw material lots being used in the production process. It incorporates barcode technology to capture raw material usage and manages raw material inventory levels as well.

ES/3 and Scale Fusion are fully integrated, so there is no additional data entry of production. Daily reporting of production totals, pallet details, order demand, and product scheduling are all available.

ES/3 and Scale Fusion together create a seamless, Enterprise-wide Information Accountability system, controlling the production, labeling, storage, and distribution management aspects of your product lines.

ES/3-Strategy - Business Control Software for small, medium size and multi-location businesses.