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Product Overview

ES /3 Executive Navigator
The ES /3 Executive Navigator provides you with an easy inquiry into every key operation of your business. By using this single tool you can view a display of your inventory values (and detail) at every location. You can see the financial status (and detail) of your Receivables, Payables, open Purchase Orders and your Bank Accounts. One simple inquiry method that replaces hundreds of report pages and its at your fingertips.

ES /3 CPA General Ledger System

The ES /3 General Ledger system provides you with a sophisticated, comprehensive, yet flexible and easy to learn, accounting package from initial setup to year-end closing. ES /3 General Ledger operates either as a stand alone CPA Client Write Up system or integrated with the ES /3 modules.

ES /3 Inventory and Warehouse Control
The ES /3 Inventory Control system continually monitors and updates your inventory records as stock transactions take place.  Statistical information about historical activity, vendor lead times and depletion of rates enable you to "fine tune" your stocking levels and capitalize on better inventory turns.

Scale Fusion

Scale Fusion (created by StrategyBytes) was created as a manufacturing and production environment solution known as  which was designed to control the production process to weigh and barcode items and cases, and capturing this information for ongoing inventory storage and distribution control purposes.

Scale Fusion will integrate seamlessly with The Enterprise System/3, thus securing all business accounting and Inventory control functions. Additionally, the two systems facilitate assigning production to customer orders, and generating invoices and bills of lading for shipping


Lot Tracker

Lot Tracker (also created by StrategyBytes) was specifically built to capture the raw material coming into the production process and keeping track of the raw material lots being used in the production process. It incorporates barcode technology to more efficiently capture raw material usage and manages raw material inventory levels as well.


EES /3 Customer Pricing
The ES /3 Customer Pricing system ensures that your personnel can confidently and accurately price specific items to your customers, whether they are responding to a quote or a sale.

ES /3 Sales Order Processing
The ES /3 Sales Order Processing system provides the easy entry of Invoices and Purchase Orders.  This system will also accommodate Point-Of-Sale Processing and Customer Special Pricing.

ES /3 Accounts Receivable
The ES /3 Accounts Receivable system allows your business to credit accounts, correctly assess finance charges, and effectively follow up on collections.

ES /3 Point Of
Sale Processing
The ES /3 Point of Sale Processing system can utilize either monitors or PC's, optional cash drawers and an invoice printer to give your personnel immediate access to special pricing and inventory availability and customer credit limits.

ES /3 Purchase Order Processing
The ES /3 Purchase Order Processing system allows you to track orders from purchase to receipt of goods, including returned goods and changed orders. 

ES /3 Accounts Payable
The ES /3 Accounts Payable system is designed to accommodate a wide variety of cash flow situations.

ES /3 Payroll
The ES /3 Payroll system offers total control of all your payroll needs.  It handles all types of employee earnings types including tips, taxes and other deductions in multiple combinations.

ES /3 E-Commerce Suite
Whether your needs are business-to-business or business-to-consumer, our
E-commerce suite has it all.

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